Leigh Corbett

Leigh Corbett holds an Honors Degree in Botany and for many years she practiced as an Environmental Scientist.  Photography has always been her creative outlet and a means to balance the scientific aspects of her work.  Her interest in photography began 30 years ago when she used a monetary gift from her grandmother to buy her first SLR camera.


An amateur photographer under the mentorship of Angela Buckland, Leigh’s focus is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Her formal projects are driven by a desire to show purpose and meaning and typically take the form of portraits or photo essays.


Leigh is affiliated with several charities and is especially passionate about animal welfare.  For a recent project titled Ruff Night she produced a series of portraits illustrating the compassion for rescue dogs shared by a group of volunteers who had spent a night sleeping in open kennels during mid winter.  The purpose of the project was to raise funds and awareness about the plight of abused and abandoned dogs.


Her latest project, Devotion, explores the relationship between chronically or terminally ill children and their primary caregivers with a view to understanding what these brave children and remarkable women undertake on a daily basis.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA