17 July 2011, 11am



The KZNSA is delighted to bring you this stunning catalogue to the recent exhibition of work by Hendrik Stroebel.


The 55 page full-colour catalogue features over 50 artworks from the exhibition, exquisitely photographed by Andew Griffin, and has been designed by Robyn Cook, with specially commissioned essays by Marilyn Martin and Andries Botha. The artist will be in attendance on Sunday, and the Gallery will present a commissioned RECOLLECT object of treasure to Hendrik. Here is an excerpt from Marilyn Martin's contribution...

Stroebel's approach, from the very beginning, was non-conformist but true to the integrity of his medium. He is at once the playful, experimental bricoleur and the serious, technically sophisticated creator working in two diametrically opposed ways. His embroidery and ceramics sit at the extremes of art-making - the one is intimate, precise and time-consuming; the other malleable, physical and unpredictable, as the ceramist never knows what will happen in the kiln. In Stroebel's mind, imagination, eyes and hands, embroidery and ceramics are inextricably linked, and become unique expressive vehicles for memorable works of art that embody his journeys, experiences and memories.








Category: Book Launch
Exhibition: RECOLLECT

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