In Bloom

26 September - 15 October 2017
Mezzanine Gallery

Ja. Magazine hosts their first group exhibition in Durban, featuring a range of works from the publication’s past and present contributors. The exhibition is curated by Ja. team Youlendree Appasamy, Dave Mann and Niamh Walsh-Vorster with guest visual editor, Mandisa Buthelezi.

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The group exhibition In Bloom is a project by Ja. magazine.

In Bloom seeks to showcase a new wave of South African independent art and creativity. Comprising multimedia work, photography, illustration, street art, and literature, the group exhibition brings together the varying narratives, identities, and observations of an emergent South African creative community. The works featured in this exhibition have been inspired by and created in, city centres, small towns, online spheres, homes and more. Each work, in its own way, attempts to bring to light the complexities, absurdities, and even the small celebrations of a life lived through art.

Ja. magazine is an award-winning, independent digital publication that publishes new written and visual work from South Africa. Founded in late 2014, the publication has gone on to feature the works of numerous emergent and established writers, poets, artists, musicians, and more. Ja. magazine has also hosted creative workshops and events in an effort to tap into offline cultures of creativity, and interest in the local arts.


This exhibition serves as another extension of the publication’s continued efforts to promote local art and literature on a national level.