Push & Pull

12 February - 10 March 2019
Main, Mezzanine and Media galleries

Push & Pull is constituted from a combination of selected works from previous exhibitions and few additional new works of Durban based artist Themba Shibase. Shibase consolidates a majority of his thematic interests, predominantly his preoccupation with the visually exploring the interrelatedness of such themes as power, masculinity and violence in this new show

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Shibase’s work critically engages of an outmoded African patriarchal culture in which the regnant masculine ideals of authority, strength and dominance have given rise to a society based on male sexual entitlement and the abuse of women in the private realm, and dictatorial violence and corruption in the public realm.

 The medium of paint is  at the centre of all his visual exploration of themes.  Push & Pull. In both instances what is hinted at is firstly, the physical process of painting itself i.e. the layering and de-layering of paint on the surface; and secondly, the contradictory theoretical positions we hold in relation to the above mentioned themes but more specifically – ‘power’. The interrogation of  how power is perceived is critically explored through his paintings in relation the contexts of gender, sexuality, race, politics, etc...from its varied socio-economic, socio-political, and socio-cultural contexts.