The Story of an African Farm

02 July - 21 July 2013
Park Contemporary Gallery

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Artist's Statement

The concept for the exhibition The Story of an African Farm commenced in early 2012 after a visit to my hometown Cradock and the Schreiner House Museum as well as the Schreiner grave on Buffelskop. This history was part of my childhood as my father took me to all these places. Upon rereading 'The story of an African farm' and Karel Schoeman’s two volumes on Olive Schreiner, I became inspired by Olive’s descriptions of the Karoo landscape around Cradock an commenced with a series of Schreiner specific works, based either on actual sites or quotations from her writings.

In this exhibition I have attempted to reflect the spirit and the times of this remarkable pioneer. In her time women had no rights and she had to publish the 'Story of an African Farm' under a pseudonym. As already mentioned she was also a remarkable freethinker and a fighter for the underdog . She was misunderstood by many of her contemporaries and the general Cradock public considered her as eccentric and a bit crazy.

Latest News

03 July 2013
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Three new exhibitions opened at the KZNSA last night. Two solo shows in the upstairs Galleries, and a large group show in the Main Gallery.