Meet the PPC Imaginarium judges

21 April 2017

Last year a highly esteemed and eclectic combination of national judging panelists came to the

KZNSA Gallery for the annual PPC Imaginarium competition.


Two of KZN's artists were selected to go through to the finals of the 2016/2017 PPC Imaginarium Awards.

Meet the judges that were inspired by the two's innovate art.



one of the judges on our esteemed national judging panel,


Before moving to Johannesburg in 2001, Finley lived and worked in Los Angeles and New York in fashion for brands such as Eileen Fisher, Tiffany & Co. and Gucci America. While living in Los Angeles, Finley worked as a fashion stylist while focusing on product placement and marketing of fashion brands through celebrity client relationships. Over the past 13 years, her focus has been on telling the story of the African continent in innovative ways through fashion, design, television and film production. She is  a member of the founding class of the African Leadership University School of Business founded by Fred Swaniker.


She has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and African History from University of Virginia and has studied abroad in Spain at the University of Granada. She received a post-graduate degree of the Arts from Wits University.


When judging Finley looks for ingenuity, originality and innovation.  She strongly believes that art from the African continent is in high demand globally. 



Daniel van der Merwe


Daniel van der Merwe is a professional architect and has worked as a lecturer at UJ, now he is part of the PPC Innovation team.

Van der Merwe initiated the awards to allow PPC to play a leadership role in promoting and supporting emerging artists and designers in South Africa.  The PPC Imaginarium Awards aim to provide artists with resources, as well as to stimulate experimentation and expression in a versatile and cheap medium such as cement. 




Zane Mashumi


Born and raised in Soweto, Zanele is the founder of Mashumi Art Projects and has hosted a number of exhibitions.

She studied Fine Art at the University of Johannesburg.


When judging artists work, Zanele wants to see how differently material can be used and how artists manipulate

the given materials to make them work with their concept.


Zanele would advise young up-and-coming designers and artists to do their research and network. 





Stephen Hobbs is a visual artist and urbanist living and working in Johannesburg. His interests lie in drawing comparisons between Johannesburg and the rest of the world, with a view to influencing creative thinking and urban experiences, in particular, through his company The Trinity Session, where multi-disciplinary events, exhibitions and large-scale urban and public art projects reflect on the dynamic exchange of urban cultural heritage.

 Hobbs graduated with a BAFA from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. He was raised in a family of artists.

Excited by the industry he works in, Hobbs likes its ability to influence lifestyle and market trends and choices.He is interested to see how new ownership in these fields is created and how it is managed as the principals of the politics of decolonisation of education, culture and the arts unfolds.



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