Saturday Sessions: Meet the Artists

17 July 2017

Kay Smart is a practicing artist who has been teaching in Durban for the last 30 years. She runs a studio from her home in Glenwood, where she holds drawing and painting classes for adults and children over 12 years old.
She lectured drawing in the Graphic Design Department, first at M L Sultan Technikon and then DUT, from where she retired last year. 
She specializes in exploring the human figure and other natural forms through drawing in a variety of graphic techniques.
 Dane Stops is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Durban. He has a Masters of Applied Arts from the Graphic Design Department at the Durban University of Technology, where he has also been working as a part-time lecturer for a number of years. Stops had a solo exhibition toward the end of 2016, he taken part in a number of group exhibitions and done live art at various events. He has been an active contributor to the Durban Mural and Graffiti scene for over a decade. The work he makes has various influences, from painting graffiti to figurative subject matter such as people and birds. Currently he is working toward a solo show in Johannesburg for the month of September. For up to date work follow him, @danestops, on Instagram and Facebook.
Sfiso Ka-Mkame was born in Clermont on the outskirts of Durban in 1963. He continues to live there and commutes to his studio in Umkhumbane/Cato Manor each day.

Ka-Mkame is a self-taught artist but he obtained sporadic training through the 1980s. In 1988 he achieved important success with the sale, to the SA National Gallery in Cape Town, of his ‘Letters to God’ drawing series. He was an active United Democratic Front member and his early work reflected the political conflict, daily struggle and hardships he witnessed around him.

Ka-Mkame’s work is very decorative, demonstrating nostalgia for African symbols; a quest that became more urgent and challenging for him after SA’s first democratic elections in 1994. With a group of like-minded artists in Durban, he began searching for symbols of an African identity beyond the confines of his own region and this is reflected in his paintings. He works on a number of paintings simultaneously, building up dense layers of colour with oil pastels and scratching patterns into his images. He usually titles his work and this provides the viewer with the beginning of the story or narrative that has inspired his work.

It is the African women resplendent in magnificently coloured and patterned gowns that currently dominate Ka-Mkame’s artwork, reminding one of the work of artist Gustav Klimt. The visual wealth of his pastel imagery attests to an unabashed passion for his medium.

Ka-Mkame has participated in numerous group exhibitions. His first solo exhibition was held at the BAT Centre in Durban in 1996. His work can be seen in public collections throughout SA and in many important corporate art collections.

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