For the time of ISEA2018/ DIGIFEST05 / IF DURBAN the KZNSA Gallery and parts of Bulwer Park will be occupied with activities and experiments that investigate ideas of Life Hacking and its cross-disciplinary nature.

  • 25 June 2018 - 30 June 2018
  • Main Gallery, Mezzanine Gallery

Makers, recyclers, hackers, inventors, survivalists manipulate not only materials and media, but systems. Responding to the status-quo of a time and place, these actors rethink and recycle discarded and unwanted items, structures and ideas to take ownership, create new perspectives or survive the every day. This is a platform for local and impactful alternatives that are re-structuring approaches and knowledge systems for the benefit of many.


Socially engaged practices and research, art - science collaboration and technological experimentation transform the gallery space from a workshop environment to showcasing projects that contribute on the journey towards change.


A take-over of the gallery will start from 20 June.

22-24 June will see drop-in and planned workshops and production.

26 June from 7pmExhibition opening of the LIFE HACKING projects at KZNSA Gallery.

Exhibition closes 1 July at 12.00.


Projects include:


FREE SUNSHINE! by Miranda Moss- South Africa Thulile Gamedze (South Africa) and Oliver Walkhoff (Switzerland) funded by Pro Helvetia


The World After Us / Server Farms by Nathaniel Stern in collaboration with Jenna Marti, Josh Passon, Olivia Overturf, Mary Widener, and Samantha Tan (USA)


PS2 –Trails of Memory by Michael Bretram, Fabian Büntig, Ivana Druzetic, Magdalena Kovarik, Janna Lichter, Anastasia Treskunov, Christoph Vogel (PS2 team members of the University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf, Germany)


Gambiologia: life hacking in Art and Design by Fred Paulino (Brazil)


Curating in the in Between by Beryl Graham and Alexandra Ross

Hybrid Happenstances (UNDER 40 Degrees) by Cecilia Vilca and Francesco Mariotti with José-Carlos Mariátegui, Elisa Arca / ATA - Alta tecnología andina

Creating Binocular Rivalry in Virtual Reality by Mert Akbal

Protest & Art: Intersection*ology by  Lori Hepner and Kendra Ross


Turbidity Paintings: Water Testing at the Umgeni River with Thomas Asmuth, University of West Florida and Sara Gevurtz, Hastings College

Art and Science: Intersection Across Contexts by Sarah Cook and Alistair Floyd; Anastasia Koch and Ed Young.

Floating Reverie by Carly Whitaker

Exhibition curated by Marcus Neustetter – artistic director ISEA2018







An overview:


INTERSECTIONS Durban 23-30 June 2018 

ISEA2018 / Digifest05 / IF Durban

ISEA2018, the 24th International Symposium on Electronic Art, is the first ISEA to be held in the African sub-continent. Hosted in the coastal city of Durban, South Africa, this event will be the 5th iteration of the Durban University of Technology Digital Festival and Innovate Durban’s 2018 Innovation Festival in a strategy to build a local partnership and legacy. 

Bringing new audiences, academics, and practitioners together, the ISEA2018 / Digifest05 / IF Durban theme, INTERSECTIONS, positions creative technological innovation as an activist engagement into public space and public practice with underlying critical questions of ownership, imposition and development. Creative collaboration between artists, artisans, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and inventors will take place in a context where survival is the most basic instigator for solutions. In such a scenario, technological developments should follow and support these solutions. This symposium and festival will focus on accessible and alternative platforms that encourage partnerships across sectors and regions, highlighting the strength of industry, institutions and government to think about how we can improve our environments and find locally relevant approaches for everyday challenges.

INTERSECTIONS brings together projects networks and programs that not only push the local debate on art, science and technology collaboration but builds a national network of practice and collaboration. By bringing together platforms such as DIGIFEST, DUT’s Digital Art and Design Festival and Innovate Durban’s IF DURBAN Innovation Festival the strategy is to grow the current a city-wide legacy project.


The academic symposium hosted at DUT will present Peer Reviewed Papers and Panels and Keynote Presentations.


The city-wide cultural program will host local and international projects and presentations in public spaces across Durban and surrounding areas. These will include Artist Interventions and Performances, Site-specific Workshops, Talks in Alternative Spaces, Thematic Exhibitions and Activation Tours. This will culminate in a series of public engagements through an un-conference, TIDE: Technology Innovation Design Expo and INTERPRET DURBAN.


Local ISEA2018 / Digifest05 / IF Durban partners:

Durban University of Technology’s Faculty of Arts and Design, Innovate Durban, eThekwini Municipality, Durban KwaZulu-Natal Convention Bureau, The Trinity Session.



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